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2020 Men’s Draws and Results

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Click on the link below for relevant draws and results.   Note:  Your spreadsheet will appear on the bottom of your screen. Click this Spreadsheet to view draws and results.   Open Major Singles Draw 2020 Open Major Pairs Draw 2020 Open Triples Draw 2020 Open Fours Draw 2020  

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2018 Men’s Draw and Results

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Please click the link below to open a spreadsheet detailing Men's 2018 Draw and Results.  Click on the relevant tab at the bottom of the sheet to view your required selection eg Major Singles, Pairs etc. Club Champoinship Draw 2018 as at 28 june 2018  

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2018 Men’s Champions

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Major Singles Champion Winner:          Michael Beesley Runner Up:   Adam Clements   Major Pairs Champions Winners:    Grant Boyce, Glen Soper Runners Up:  Michael Beesley, Bill Hopley   Minor Pairs Champions Winners:   Troy Barry, Marc Bert Runners Up:  Keith Tonks, Burnie Greenbank  

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2017 Club Honours

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Congratulations to the following members for their achievements during the 2017 Season. Well done! Beresfield Bowling Club are very proud of your achievements. State Senior Pairs Final Winners: Mick Beesley & Mick Brown President Pairs - Runners Up Mal Adams & (Kanga) Ray Bennett District Triples Winners: Warren Shipley, Dave [...]

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2017 Men’s Draw and Results

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Link: Open Men's Championship Draw for 2017 Click on the relevant sheet name at the bottom of this spreadsheet to view Championship Draw and Results for 2017.

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2015 Club Honours

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MEN'S ACHIEVEMENTS Zone 2 Inter Zone Representatives Warren Shipley, Daniel Hill Zone 2 Senior Inter Zone Winners Mick Brown, Mick Beesley, Grant Boyce State Senior Representative Mick Beesley District Singles Daniel Hill - runner up District Senior Pairs Grant Boyce, Col Bryon NSW Bowlers Arm Representative Mick Cleary Zone 2 [...]

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2015 Championship Winners

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Mens Championship Winners - 2015 Major Singles Winner:         Warren Shipley Runner Up:   Mick Beesley     Minor Singles   Winner:              Harry Korman Runner Up:     Mick Mayo   Mens Major Pairs Winners:      Mick Beesley, Shane Giles Runner Up:  Alby Aniscow, Brad Unsted   Mens Senior Pairs Winners:       Grant [...]

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2016 Men’s Championship Winners

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Men's Major Singles Winner:          Mick Beesley Runner Up:      Warren Shipley   Men's Minor Singles   Winner:          Mick Mayo Runner Up:     Clint Mitchison   Men's Major Pairs   Winner:          Warren Shipley, Daniel Hill Runner Up:     Greg Dobson, Bill Hopley   Men's Senior Pairs Winner: Runner Up:   Men's Minor Pairs   [...]

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